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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing process where a practitioner acts as a conduit for universal light energy. As the practitioner brings that energy into themselves they transmit that energy out of their hands and into the person receiving the healing. Reiki is a non touch form of healing.

What is Journey Work?

Journey Work is a process that allows the release of negative memories and energy. It allows one to heal on multiple levels simultaneously. To learn more about Journey Work go to www.thejourney.com

What is Ionic Foot Spa?

An Ionic Foot Spa is a detoxification process for the body. Your feet are placed in a tub of warm water with an ionic element which floods the body with negative ions (which create health) and removes the positive ions (which create ill health) through osmosis. This can help in the removal of candida yeast, reduced joint pain, stimulates the immune system, chelation of heavy metals, removes damaged cells and much more.

Crystal Skulls Ancient and New? What is their purpose? Healing or Prophecy?

Crystal skulls are believed to have originated during the time of Atlantis. They are powerful healers and directors of energy. They have been brought back at this time for the consciousness shift we are currently experiencing. This shift will complete itself in December of 2012. The crystal skulls amplify our energy when we are in healing mode. They aid in our ascension to the higher consciousness and in the 12 strand DNA activation.

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