February Psychic Fair

Our monthly psychic fair will be held on Friday, February 15th, from 6 to 10 pm. $20 for a 15 minutes. We offer Tarot/Clairvoyant and Angel Card Readings, Reiki and Magnified healing sessions. Call to reserve your appointment 973 823 6343.



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January Psychic Fair

Our monthly psychic fair will be held on Friday, January 18th, from 6 to 10 pm. $20 for a 15 minutes. We offer Tarot/Clairvoyant and Angel Card Readings, Reiki and Magnified healing sessions. Call to reserve your appointment 973 823 6343.


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Crystals for a Deeper Meditation

Hello and welcome back to the crystal block of blogs! Todays blog is on crystals that aid in bringing you into a deeper meditation.  My number one choice for meditating is Selenite. Selenite has  very fine vibration which brings clarity to the mind. It opens the crown chakra where you can access angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Selenite instills a deep sense of peace and so works well in deepening meditative states and when doing spiritual work. My second choice would be Kyanite which helps attune you to your higher self which brings you into a deeper meditative state. Kyanite has a tranquilizing energy and it is a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies, which can stimulate both psychic abilities and the intuition.  Kyanite also helps in manifesting spiritual energy into thought. Number three on the crystal parade today is Dioptase. Dioptase is not only a powerful stone for the heart, it facilitates spiritual attunement, allowing you to reach the highest levels of consciousness thereby deepening your meditative state. Petalite would be my number four. Petalite enhances angelic connection. Petalite has a high, pure vibration which opens to cosmic consciousness. It enhances meditation through that opening to cosmic consciousness and the angelic connection. When setting an intention for answers, Petalite is the crystal of choice. Number five on my list is Rhodonite. Rhodonite balances the emotions. It is a crystal of unconditional love. If you use a mantra when meditating, Rhodonite will enhance the quality of the meditation as it aligns the soul to a higher vibration. My last pick by by no means the least is Golden or Honey Calcite. This calcite brings you into a deep state of relaxation linking you into your highest source of guidance, enhancing your meditation while expanding your energetic field.

If you are finding you have difficulty sleeping, any of these crystals will aid in relaxing you into a deep sleep. If you are a rather nervous or anxious person, any of these crystals if carried on your person, will help you to stay in a more relaxed state of mind.

Happy meditating. The next series of blogs will be on totem animals and what they mean. Remember if you have any questions or comments on what I write, please send your comments or your questions along. I’d be happy to reply.


Crystals for the Heart

Hello again. I apologize for the time away from the blog on crystals but it has been for good purpose. My book “Am I Spiritual?” is finally complete and off to the editor! Focusing of everything being good with that so it can be on the shelves for sale in January.

So now to the crystals for the heart. My first choice of a heart crystal is always Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a crystal of unconditional love and infinite peace. It aids in the release of old emotions that block both the acceptance of love and the giving of it. It can help in breaking through the emotions that cause a negative self-image. And it brings deep inner healing and self love. Second on my list of heart crystals would be Unakite. This crystal helps balance the physical aspects of the heart and aids in circulation. It enhances self worth and allows us to step outside of the drama so we can look a the problem. Unakite also helps to balance emotions. Number three for the heart is Labrodorite. Labrodorite helps to keep the heart protected from outside emotional hurts. It aids in dealing with other peoples emotions and moods. My fourth pick for heart crystals is the Ruby. Rubies help to balance the heart energies, both etheric and physical, energizing and balancing. It aids with confidence, enthusiasm and self worth issues. The only time you would not use Ruby is if the person has an irritible personality because then the Ruby will exacerbate this aspect. My final choice of heart crystal for this blog would be Dioptase. This crystal actually nourishes the heart chakra. It aids with letting go of old patterns that create dischord. It is a powerful healer of the heart.

To use these crystals for healing the heart you can meditate with them, carry them on your person in a pocket or medicine bag or place them between the mattress and box spring of your bed. It’s also fairly easy to find  a rose quartz heart pendant that you can wear around your neck, the chain or thong should be long enough so the quartz lays over your heart. You can find these at most flea markets and crystal shops that sell jewelry. The next blog will be on the crystals that can help quiet your mind and bring you into a deeper meditative state.


Crystals for the Lungs and Chest

I apologize for anyone that has been waiting for this blog installment. So here it is. If you are suffering from a cold, allergies, asthma, pneumonia, etc. and are looking for relief in breathing, these crystals can offer non-medical help. This does not mean if you are in serious distress you ignore medical help. Crystals are great as an ongoing process to help you move away from the constant need of medical intervention. As your system stabilizes with the help of crystals, you will find less problems with your respirations. My first choice of crystal for the lungs/chest is Moss Agate. this crystal relaxes and opens up congested bronchials and lungs. It also aids in the circulation of blood and the lymph system which can become clogged or restricted.  Moss Agate can also help to release pent up emotions which can cause restrictions in breathing. My second choice of crystal for breathing is Crysocolla. This crystal is excellent for throat and chest issues. It relaxes the body and emotions allowing muscular relaxation of the chest and lungs making breathing easier.  My third choice is Larimar. Larimar aids in the flow of chi, your natural body energy, into the upper body releasing tightness. These are not the only crystals for use with the lungs and chest area, but they are among the most powerful. I do suggest you carry them on your person everyday if you suffer from breathing disorders or have a heavy cold. As you keep the crystal(s) on you, it has the opportunity to give you continued vibratory recalibration to ease your breathing. As with anything else, if you don’t use it, it can’t help you. Until next time when I will blog about crystals for the heart.


Crystals for Energetic Protection

To create energetic protection from negativity, dense energy, electromagnetic smog, radition, psychic attack, ill wishing, microwaves, cell phone emanations and electromagnetic pollution around yourself or your home I recommend the following: First choice is Hematite which is a grounding stone. It harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. When we travel out of body, either consciously or while sleeping, it protects the soul and grounds it back into the body. A piece of hematite above an entry door into your home helps to “check” any negatives from coming inside when the door is opened. My second choice is Black Tourmaline because it cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into light, positive, protective energy. Black Tourmaline can protect you from all of the electromagnetic smog emanating from any and all electronic equipment in your home such as computers, cell phones, televisions, etc. If there is someone specifically sending you negative energy known as psychic attack, Black Tourmaline can help by absorbing the energy sent to you and transforming it into positive energy. Number three on my list is Amazonite. The really nice thing about Amazonite is that it blocks geopathic sress and absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations.  You can muscle test Amazonite with your cell phone and the results are amazing. To muscle test, put your cell phone down on a table, face whoever is going to test you, raise your arm out to your side at shoulder height. Have the person testing you push down on your arm while you resist asking “Is your name ____?” Your arm should stay strong. Have them repeat the question changing the name to one that is not yours, your arm will have no resistance no  matter how hard you try to keep it up. This is to get a base “reading” on your strength of resistence. Now have them “test” with no question, just for your general well being, next pick up your cell phone and have them “test” again for your general well being, there will be zero resistence when holding the phone due to its emanations. (The phone does need to be turned on). Next hold a piece of Amazonite with the cell phone and “test” again, you will have total resistence because the Amazonite absorbs the negative emanations of the phone. My fourth choice in protection is Herkimer Diamond as it can protect against radioactivity (microwaves and high tension wires). Some people suffer from insomnia but don’t know why and it can be caused by geopathic stress or electromagnetic pollution. The Herkimer Diamond eliminates this cause around your body so you can sleep. The next blog will be on Friday where I will talk about crystals that can help with the lungs.



How to Use Crystals to Help III

To reduce stress and anxiety and incorporate feelings of relaxation and peace there are some specific crystals that can aid you in this process.  One of the best crystals for relaxation is Aquamarine. Aquamarine is a stone of courage and it’s calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind while harmonizing the surrounding area. Just placing a piece of Aquamarine in your vicinity can help reduce stress, holding it while meditating or placing it in front of you can create the avenue to a deeper and more restful meditation. The next crystal I would recommend is Blue Calcite which is a very gentle stone. It can be used for recuperation from anything that creates anxiety, bringing relaxation.  If you suffer from high blood pressure, this crystal can aid in lowering your blood pressure as it brings in the relaxation and helps to release the negative emotions causing the elevated blood pressure.  My third choice of relaxation crystals would be Amethyst. It is another very powerful crystal with a high spiritual vibration. It transmutes negative energy into love and  is a natural tranquilizer, so it calms the nervous system of the whole body. My last selection for relaxation is Selenite. This is a wonderful stone for relaxation as it has a very fine vibration which brings clarity of the mind. This is a stone that connects to the angelic realm and instills deep peace. It is an excellent crystal for meditation and or spiritual work. Happy meditating. My next blog will be on crystals for energetic protection.


How to Use Crystals to Help II

Now that your crystals are cleared of negativity, old programming and trauma, they are ready to use. So one of the simplest ways to use crystals is to carry them around in your pocket, on your person somewhere. Not in a pocketbook or knapsack. The natural properties of the stone can work within your energy field when you carry it. Crystals will absorb some negative energy when you carry them so once a week you should place them in the salt water solution over night.  You can place your crystals in your pillowcase at night or under your mattress, you are must less resistant to change while you are sleeping and the crystals can really help realign you during your sleep.  If you choose not to carry your crystals with you or to sleep with them, that is fine, you have to do what resonates with you, what feels comfortable for you. Don’t worry about what others think you should do, only you know what feels correct for you, follow your intuition. Now, if you are not carrying the crystals, you may want to meditate with them. When you meditate with crystals you can either hold them in your hands by sitting them in your palm with your palms facing the ceiling or you can place them in an array in front of you. Set your intentions before you begin your meditation asking the energies of the crystals to assist you using their natural vibrations. Remember to ask you guides for assistance in understanding any messages sent to you during your meditation as well. Happy meditating for now. On Monday we’ll talk about specific crystals for relaxation and stress relief.Blog