Crystals for a Deeper Meditation

Hello and welcome back to the crystal block of blogs! Todays blog is on crystals that aid in bringing you into a deeper meditation.  My number one choice for meditating is Selenite. Selenite has  very fine vibration which brings clarity to the mind. It opens the crown chakra where you can access angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Selenite instills a deep sense of peace and so works well in deepening meditative states and when doing spiritual work. My second choice would be Kyanite which helps attune you to your higher self which brings you into a deeper meditative state. Kyanite has a tranquilizing energy and it is a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies, which can stimulate both psychic abilities and the intuition.  Kyanite also helps in manifesting spiritual energy into thought. Number three on the crystal parade today is Dioptase. Dioptase is not only a powerful stone for the heart, it facilitates spiritual attunement, allowing you to reach the highest levels of consciousness thereby deepening your meditative state. Petalite would be my number four. Petalite enhances angelic connection. Petalite has a high, pure vibration which opens to cosmic consciousness. It enhances meditation through that opening to cosmic consciousness and the angelic connection. When setting an intention for answers, Petalite is the crystal of choice. Number five on my list is Rhodonite. Rhodonite balances the emotions. It is a crystal of unconditional love. If you use a mantra when meditating, Rhodonite will enhance the quality of the meditation as it aligns the soul to a higher vibration. My last pick by by no means the least is Golden or Honey Calcite. This calcite brings you into a deep state of relaxation linking you into your highest source of guidance, enhancing your meditation while expanding your energetic field.

If you are finding you have difficulty sleeping, any of these crystals will aid in relaxing you into a deep sleep. If you are a rather nervous or anxious person, any of these crystals if carried on your person, will help you to stay in a more relaxed state of mind.

Happy meditating. The next series of blogs will be on totem animals and what they mean. Remember if you have any questions or comments on what I write, please send your comments or your questions along. I’d be happy to reply.


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