Crystals for the Heart

Hello again. I apologize for the time away from the blog on crystals but it has been for good purpose. My book “Am I Spiritual?” is finally complete and off to the editor! Focusing of everything being good with that so it can be on the shelves for sale in January.

So now to the crystals for the heart. My first choice of a heart crystal is always Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a crystal of unconditional love and infinite peace. It aids in the release of old emotions that block both the acceptance of love and the giving of it. It can help in breaking through the emotions that cause a negative self-image. And it brings deep inner healing and self love. Second on my list of heart crystals would be Unakite. This crystal helps balance the physical aspects of the heart and aids in circulation. It enhances self worth and allows us to step outside of the drama so we can look a the problem. Unakite also helps to balance emotions. Number three for the heart is Labrodorite. Labrodorite helps to keep the heart protected from outside emotional hurts. It aids in dealing with other peoples emotions and moods. My fourth pick for heart crystals is the Ruby. Rubies help to balance the heart energies, both etheric and physical, energizing and balancing. It aids with confidence, enthusiasm and self worth issues. The only time you would not use Ruby is if the person has an irritible personality because then the Ruby will exacerbate this aspect. My final choice of heart crystal for this blog would be Dioptase. This crystal actually nourishes the heart chakra. It aids with letting go of old patterns that create dischord. It is a powerful healer of the heart.

To use these crystals for healing the heart you can meditate with them, carry them on your person in a pocket or medicine bag or place them between the mattress and box spring of your bed. It’s also fairly easy to find  a rose quartz heart pendant that you can wear around your neck, the chain or thong should be long enough so the quartz lays over your heart. You can find these at most flea markets and crystal shops that sell jewelry. The next blog will be on the crystals that can help quiet your mind and bring you into a deeper meditative state.


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