Crystals for Energetic Protection

To create energetic protection from negativity, dense energy, electromagnetic smog, radition, psychic attack, ill wishing, microwaves, cell phone emanations and electromagnetic pollution around yourself or your home I recommend the following: First choice is Hematite which is a grounding stone. It harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. When we travel out of body, either consciously or while sleeping, it protects the soul and grounds it back into the body. A piece of hematite above an entry door into your home helps to “check” any negatives from coming inside when the door is opened. My second choice is Black Tourmaline because it cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into light, positive, protective energy. Black Tourmaline can protect you from all of the electromagnetic smog emanating from any and all electronic equipment in your home such as computers, cell phones, televisions, etc. If there is someone specifically sending you negative energy known as psychic attack, Black Tourmaline can help by absorbing the energy sent to you and transforming it into positive energy. Number three on my list is Amazonite. The really nice thing about Amazonite is that it blocks geopathic sress and absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations.  You can muscle test Amazonite with your cell phone and the results are amazing. To muscle test, put your cell phone down on a table, face whoever is going to test you, raise your arm out to your side at shoulder height. Have the person testing you push down on your arm while you resist asking “Is your name ____?” Your arm should stay strong. Have them repeat the question changing the name to one that is not yours, your arm will have no resistance no  matter how hard you try to keep it up. This is to get a base “reading” on your strength of resistence. Now have them “test” with no question, just for your general well being, next pick up your cell phone and have them “test” again for your general well being, there will be zero resistence when holding the phone due to its emanations. (The phone does need to be turned on). Next hold a piece of Amazonite with the cell phone and “test” again, you will have total resistence because the Amazonite absorbs the negative emanations of the phone. My fourth choice in protection is Herkimer Diamond as it can protect against radioactivity (microwaves and high tension wires). Some people suffer from insomnia but don’t know why and it can be caused by geopathic stress or electromagnetic pollution. The Herkimer Diamond eliminates this cause around your body so you can sleep. The next blog will be on Friday where I will talk about crystals that can help with the lungs.



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