How to Use Crystals to Help III

To reduce stress and anxiety and incorporate feelings of relaxation and peace there are some specific crystals that can aid you in this process.  One of the best crystals for relaxation is Aquamarine. Aquamarine is a stone of courage and it’s calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind while harmonizing the surrounding area. Just placing a piece of Aquamarine in your vicinity can help reduce stress, holding it while meditating or placing it in front of you can create the avenue to a deeper and more restful meditation. The next crystal I would recommend is Blue Calcite which is a very gentle stone. It can be used for recuperation from anything that creates anxiety, bringing relaxation.  If you suffer from high blood pressure, this crystal can aid in lowering your blood pressure as it brings in the relaxation and helps to release the negative emotions causing the elevated blood pressure.  My third choice of relaxation crystals would be Amethyst. It is another very powerful crystal with a high spiritual vibration. It transmutes negative energy into love and  is a natural tranquilizer, so it calms the nervous system of the whole body. My last selection for relaxation is Selenite. This is a wonderful stone for relaxation as it has a very fine vibration which brings clarity of the mind. This is a stone that connects to the angelic realm and instills deep peace. It is an excellent crystal for meditation and or spiritual work. Happy meditating. My next blog will be on crystals for energetic protection.


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