How to Use Crystals to Help II

Now that your crystals are cleared of negativity, old programming and trauma, they are ready to use. So one of the simplest ways to use crystals is to carry them around in your pocket, on your person somewhere. Not in a pocketbook or knapsack. The natural properties of the stone can work within your energy field when you carry it. Crystals will absorb some negative energy when you carry them so once a week you should place them in the salt water solution over night.  You can place your crystals in your pillowcase at night or under your mattress, you are must less resistant to change while you are sleeping and the crystals can really help realign you during your sleep.  If you choose not to carry your crystals with you or to sleep with them, that is fine, you have to do what resonates with you, what feels comfortable for you. Don’t worry about what others think you should do, only you know what feels correct for you, follow your intuition. Now, if you are not carrying the crystals, you may want to meditate with them. When you meditate with crystals you can either hold them in your hands by sitting them in your palm with your palms facing the ceiling or you can place them in an array in front of you. Set your intentions before you begin your meditation asking the energies of the crystals to assist you using their natural vibrations. Remember to ask you guides for assistance in understanding any messages sent to you during your meditation as well. Happy meditating for now. On Monday we’ll talk about specific crystals for relaxation and stress relief.Blog


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