How to use Crystals to Help

So, you’ve bought some crystals or are thinking about buying some but you don’t really understand what you are supposed to do with them. This is pretty normal when you are first getting started in crystal use. If you have not purchased your crystals yet, pick up a book on crystal use. “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall is a great starter book. Flip through the book, what attracts you? Read about what the different crystals do, how they can affect your body, moods and emotions, or mental state. After you have done your research, pick two or three crystals to start with. Go to a crystal shop to make your purchase. Hold one crystal at a time, first in your left hand, see what you feel, then move it to your right hand. Which hand do you feel the most in? That is your receiving hand. This is the hand you would ALWAYS use to choose crystals. Now pick up a different crystal and hold it in your receiving hand, decide which one feels the best. This is the one you want to buy. After your  purchase, take your crystals home, get a glass bowl fill it with natural water (rain water, spring water, etc.)the ratio should be 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt to one liter of water. Dissolve the salt then place your crystals in the water for seven days. This will cleanse the crystals of any negativity, old programming, trauma, etc.  They are now ready for use. ‘Till Friday…


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