May Horoscopes

May 2009 Horoscopes

General Forecast: The planetary train pulls into a spiritual station this month as Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and Juno all occupy Aquarius. Learning how to relate to others as spiritual beings having human experiences will color this month’s forecast. Jupiter asks us to put forth faith in humanity and expanding our thoughts to encompass the bigger picture. Chiron sends out the call for all healers to step up and take their turn in contributing to the healing of themselves, their fellow humans and the planet. Neptune, naturally spiritual and creative, provides ample energy and connection to Source to allow for guidance and inspiration. Finally, Juno will focus her energy on personal relationships and how they may be redefined in a time of expanding and changing consciousness. Added to the mix are the influences of Venus and Mars in Pisces uniting the female and male sides of ourselves into a more complete spiritual awareness. Saturn finally steps out of retrograde this month allowing us to rebuild the areas that have fallen down over the past 6 months. It will be important to embrace our Saturn lessons fully. Mercury enters retrograde on the 8th then goes direct on the 31st. Be aware of holding negative thoughts, being “bull headed,” or acting too possessive about your ideas during the retrograde period.

Aries 4/15 – 5/15

As the initiator and crusader of the Zodiac, the four planets in Aquarius will be calling you to take charge of your spiritual growth by looking into more groups and organizations that are actively helping others as a way to satisfy your spiritual connection to humanity. You may find old beliefs, religious ideas and rituals that worked earlier in life are resurfacing and modernizing as a way to keep pace with the 21st century. Hold off on making any financial decisions this month as Mercury is in retrograde from the 8th until the 31st. Once Saturn moves direct on the 20th, long term planning may come a bit easier and stresses at work lighter. You may even find that you are winding down on a work cycle and you will need to make preparations to move into something new and more fulfilling. Make sure to look at all sides of an argument before choosing the one that’s best. There is no room for impulsive behavior in a climate of peaceful growth. Soul mate type relationships are very likely during this month. Just remember, a soul mate could be anyone and is not necessarily your life mate.

Taurus 5/16 – 6/15

Keep your thoughts clear and look toward someone else as a sounding board for your ideas this month. Mercury enters into retrograde motion on the 8th in your sign. As a result, your mind could be a little muddled and communications strained. Keep yourself grounded until Mercury moves direct on the 31st. The Aquarian planets provides ample energy to stay peaceful and calm even in the most trying of situations. Be cautious about looking toward a new mentor or guru that promises ultimate truths yet discount the beliefs of others. Taurus creates their own truth and needs to be secure in themselves rather than giving their power over to another. Since half of May is devoted to Taurus this is your time to shine. Follow your intuition and work at perfecting your relationship with yourself. Although you may think of yourself as one person, take time to embrace and recognize the female and male sides of you and how they express themselves in your relationships and spirituality.

Gemini 6/16 – 7/17

Keep your social calendar full this month. It will be an excellent time to network and reconnect with those who have helped you get ahead in the past. Travel is favored this month, as you are in need of some serious soulful down time. Pay attention to your dreams this month. Mercury in retrograde may cause deja-vu experiences or intense dreams that are attempting to tell you important information about your life’s path and cautioning you to not repeat the past. Love and romance in the workplace is favorable for Gemini this month. There are soul mate and twin flame overtones to relationships with the energies provided by Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and Juno in Aquarius. You may find a mentor or guide surfaces later in the month as Mars enters Aries and Uranus begins through Pisces. Saturn’s direct motion will ease your mind and allow for more productive times ahead. Vesta in in a good position for you to achieve a greater sense of fulfillment from doing what you love than what pays the bills.

Cancer 7/18 – 8/17

Last call for major career changes! The planets are lining up to settle you into a longer pattern of growth at work. If you wanted to change jobs or get a promotion, now is the time. Mercury in Taurus goes retrograde on the 8th helping you to cut through any of the “bull” that has kept you from understanding the motives, feelings and thoughts of others in any group and family situations. Be prepared for others to come clean with you about how the feel. Likewise, take the time to square up and communicate you true feelings as well. The four planets in Aquarius could trigger a spiritual epiphany. You will begin to notice an increase in the frequency and intensity of experiencing life changing “ah ha” moments that help you embrace your spiritual truths. Romantic relationships will make significant progress this month provided honesty and truthful communication are used. As Mother Earth continues to come to life, take time to review your health. The planets, especially Saturn in direct motion, will help you restructure your diet, exercise and work and personal time management.

Leo 8/18 – 9/17

Praise the heavens! Saturn is finally moving forward again on the 20th and allowing you to move forward as well. This has been a challenging period for Leo, since there are many lessons on limitation and responsibility that have come through this Saturn influence. Now set your sights on relationships and healing. This is a good month to travel and take a time out. This includes a vacation with just your spouse or significant other to recharge the relationship and heal. By mid-month life will return to a more steady pace that you will enjoy. If you do have a busy schedule, Mars and Venus in Pisces will help you go with the flow while Uranus in Pisces will keep a sense of fun about life. Make plans to gather friends and family simply for the sake of enjoying their company and celebrating life. Mercury in retrograde on the 8th until the 31st will act as a time of personal reflection on lessons learned and what it means for you as a Leo to be successful. Sometimes Leo, as great as they are, suffer from eventual performance anxiety due to the pressure they put themselves under to be the best. Use more compassion toward yourself and see if you are being realistic or impractical in your sense of accomplishment.

Virgo 9/18 – 10/17

May could bring an unsettling amount of change into your life. Most of the change will be outside of you and your control so let go and let it happen. It is time to now let the Universe do its part to clear your way, so stay out its way and you will not get swept up in the drama. This month could be extraordinarily creative. The inspiration of the Aquarian planets, combined with the hidden resources of Saturn and Ceres could fine expression in a new and dynamic way. Pay attention to your time commitments. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 8th, you may find your schedule needs to be continually revised. Only handle what you need to for the present moment, and wait until June to make any long term plans. You may find those you love giving you gifts and supporting you more this month as the planets in Pisces soften relationships for you. Remember to return the love as it is your most valuable commodity in this time of awakening and new consciousness.

Libra 10/18 – 11/16

May is a month to rethink your relationship with your body. Invest your time and energy into improving or accepting a body health and body image that is true to you and your character. Libra often has ideals and perceptions about beauty and body balance that need spiritual and emotional support in order to be achieved. Just remember, “As above, so below.” That goes for us and our bodies as well. Clear out the mind and you can help clear out your body of negativity and patterns that are not peaceful and stabilizing. Mars and Venus in Pisces will help you with your mind, body and soul balance. Re-read books and articles that you gained so much from that you need to review them and squeeze out the last little bit. With Saturn moving direct on the 20th, plans may begin to come together for a move. Once set in motion, be prepared for the experience to have a mind of its own. Mercury in retrograde may increase your intuition, so monitor your thoughts or perceptions before you speak. Although you are sensing the truth, it may not be the most appropriate time to speak it.

Scorpio 11/17 – 12/16

In the life of Scorpio, change is not always looked upon favorably. Although you are an excellent catalyst for others, it may take moving worlds for you to change your own life…and it will have to be on your terms! Guess what? Life is much easier than that. All you need to do is put out your intent and let the Universe do the work. Scorpio is great at manifesting, so brush up on your skills of perfect right intent, prayer and affirmation so that you and those you love can reap the rewards of your energy and focus. Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron and Juno are all in Aquarius grounding you out in spiritual truths and empowerment. In addition, Uranus, Venus and Mars are all in Pisces making the journey all the better. For you, enjoy the journey not the destination. This is the time of a renaissance of the soul for Scorpio. Mercury in retrograde may add some confusion in relationships as you redefine yourself. Keep your intent clear and simple when dealing with others and pay attention to the sound of your voice just as much as the words. Communication is a song we sing to others, so listen to how it is being sung. Saturn moving direct in Leo will combine with Ceres allowing you to reap the harvest of your hard work and positive intent. The energy is available now to start your own business or move into a position of being a consultant rather than having to be hands-on.

Sagittarius 12/17 – 1/16

Nature loving Sagittarians will find this month full of fun and adventure. Although Pluto is retrograde in your sign, Mother Nature will be your grounding force during the month. Take pressure off of yourself by partnering with others on important projects at home or work. Don’t be afraid of rethinking your financial strategy or career path. It may not be the best time to make a change, however it is a good time to plan one. The four planets in Aquarius usher in a new age for Sagittarians. You may find yourself so eager for knowledge and growth that you get frustrated by not finishing the path you start on. Key here: take one subject at a time and run with it until you cannot run any more. You have plenty of time to learn and grow, however complete one area of understanding before you go on to the next one. Mercury in Taurus retrograde could put your body out of balance. Sagittarius, and Taurus, enjoy food, wine and the company of good friends. Be cautious not to over-do it under Mercury’s influence. In addition, be cautious of telling tall tales or exaggerating situations while Mercury is retrograde from the 8th until the 31st.

Capricorn 1/17 – 2/13

May is a month to make sure you still feel on your path. Are your core values still intact? The energy of Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and Juno in Aquarius may shake up your understanding of others. In fact, you may find yourself sitting back this month and simply watching what everyone else is doing, taking really good notes, and then applying it to you and your life. Any unresolved family issues or secrets may come up to the surface as Mercury goes retrograde on the 8th. Be sure to keep your composure, file the information and be as helpful as possible. Although others may want you to mediate, refrain from getting involved. They may be looking for a “scapegoat” for the situation. Mars, Venus and Uranus in Pisces could be creatively stimulating, with the focus on a new wardrobe or environmental changes. As Saturn moves forward in Leo on the 20th, finances should stabilize and a better long-term plan can be made. Take the time to investigate all financial possibilities, looking toward newer and more growth oriented investments rather than the traditional safe ones.

Aquarius 2/14 -3/15

It may be time to look into how active you are in your relationships. Although you have much to offer, are you giving your all, or just getting by? As Saturn moves into direct motion on the 20th, personal responsibility in relationships will need to be addressed. All of the good and bad will come forward and be repaid karmically as the month progresses. Mercury in Taurus going retrograde on the 8th may instill a bit of restlessness in Aquarius. The key here is to hold tight and don’t run out the door or to another corner of the world right now. Instead, take the time to make a better plan so that when June arrives, you can handle things more effectively. Most importantly for Aquarius are the four planets in your sign. Jupiter will expand you; Chiron heal you; Neptune inspire you; and Juno help you have a better relationship with yourself and your feminine nature. Uranus moving into Pisces will help you also redefine your values and sense of self worth. Take the time to make a list of how you would like to grow in all of these areas. A contract with yourself could help you stay focused.

Pisces 3/16 – 4/14

If April seemed too hectic to get things going, Mercury in retrograde will help revise the plan. Don’t be put off if you feel life’s gotten ahead of you. You are in perfect Divine time always! Uranus, Venus and Mars are in your sign this month. This provides ample energy to accomplish what is necessary or what flies at you from out-of-the-blue. Make sure to love and honor yourself while Venus is in your sign. Focus on your own personal sense of beauty and style. As Saturn goes direct on the 20th, work will begin to get back to normal. Be cautious about biting into other’s fears about job security as it could jeopardize your own through bringing down morale in the workplace. Jupiter, Neptune, Juno and Chiron in Aquarius usher in a potent spiritual growth time for Pisces. Much of your learning or understanding could come from being spiritually downloaded and simply knowing or understanding due to your connection with Source. Respect it and embrace it, as it will be part of your life all year long.

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