April Horoscopes

April 2009 Horoscopes

General Forecast: The big locomotive wheel in the sky is turning and Pluto is cutting the way.  April will be full of transformation and a need to be resourceful.  The planets form a Locomotive type pattern which supports hard work, drive and ambition to get things done.  Be cautious about any get-rich-quick schemes or “grass is greener…” tendencies during this cycle, especially with Lilith in the same sign as Pluto.  Saturn and Ceres in Leo continue the karmic cleanup of politics, leadership and management.  Fortunately, Ceres moves into direct motion on the 13th allowing for everyone to begin reaping the rewards of their positive karma sown for the past three months.  Energies may be a little high and nerves a little stretched during the middle of the month as Mars and Uranus combine forces at the same time as the Sun moves into Aries.  Take time to think things through and guard your reactions from the 11th through the 19th.  Venus begins to move forward again on the 18th repairing any relationship damage from her retrograde journey over the past month’s period of time.  Spirituality and humanitarianism will be on the rise as Neptune takes his place in Aquarius and Uranus moves into Pisces.  This will be our first taste of the new age to come!

Aries 4/15 – 5/15
The next two months are important for Aries because the Sun highlights your sign the second half of April and the first half of May.  Take the first part of April to clean out and clean up.  Focus on relationships that hold a deeper meaning and resonate with your passionate side.  You may feel overly impulsive during this month and take charge in areas where it might be best to back off.  Take charge by sharing your ideas and creativity rather than doing the work or taking a leadership position.  Your vision for where life is headed is best expressed through formulating plans of action and affirmations of present growth and positive change.  Spiritual groups and organizations will be important for you during the next couple of months as Neptune moves into Aquarius.  Listen to your intuition more and others less.  As Uranus moves into Pisces you may find timing in your life becomes less predictable and more “perfect.”  Do not feel concerned if your normal “What’s in it for me?” mentality takes a sudden shift toward “What’s in it for us?”   The general movement of the planets is working with the healing nature of Aries to focus more on the group and less on the self.

Taurus 5/16 – 6/15
April showers down creativity into the lives of Taurus.  Key here will be all forms of creative self-expression that reflect soul and community.  As Venus goes direct on the 18th, the love of what you create and the love you put into it will strengthen.  Be cautious about feeling too possessive about your creations. Your creativity is to be shared and can be an excellent teaching or healing tool.  Pay close attention to the important women in your life.  They have views of the world and the changes going on that may help you at this time.  This month is favorable for getting plans together if you are looking to move, remodel your home or redesign the landscaping.  Put some of your creative energy into creating a space for meditation, peace or sanctuary in your home.  Family, though important, may begin to take a back seat as Ceres moves forward mid-month.  Pluto as the cutting planet of the locomotive wheel instigates deeper spiritual transformations that may focus on your tendencies towards self-sabotage by resisting necessary changes.  Honesty with your self will only make this process easier.  Towards the end of the month life could be quite busy as Mercury enters your own sign.

Gemini 6/16 – 7/17
Your mantra this month could be “I am the temple of the Devil’s advocate.”  Geminis, normally communicative and social, may find themselves becoming an information booth and sounding board for everyone.  The perception and quickness you have mentally and socially will be sought after by those looking to bring synthesis into their lives.  Remember to stick to what you know and practice in your everyday life when guiding others.  There is no need for tricking yourself into being hypocritical simply to be a help to another.  Helping others in this way will benefit your karmic pattern going forward for the year.  Your career and long term goals will get ample energy from the planets during this month.  Despite the current trends, you may be setting up for starting your own business or looking into a partnership sometime later in the year.  Take time to review your financial strategy as this is a good time to make an investment that has real staying power.

Cancer 7/18 – 8/17
April is a month for you to focus on paying things forward.  The best way to achieve this is to focus on your natural compassionate, female energies by being kind to yourself and then sharing that energy with others to open up their sensitivities and self-compassion as well.   Childhood wisdom may creep in to help you with this as well, reminding you to stay young at heart.  Spring cleaning for Cancer is about emotional baggage, spiritual judgement and self-doubt regarding the ability to change old patterns.  Put your energy toward the relationships that expand your world view in practical ways.  You could experience heart felt healing through a close friend or relative who may become a spiritual teacher or mentor for you.  Start considering more group activities that take you out of your home and out of your shell.  Groups that are associated with health, hygiene or charitable causes would best suit your energies at this time.  Show your gratitude toward others through works of service or quality time.

Leo 8/18 – 9/17
The spotlight may now be on you to play the diplomat both personally and professionally.  Use your charisma and charm to influence and inspire others to be as great as they perceive you to be.  Saturn and Ceres are still in your sign.  However, with Ceres moving into direct motion it is now time to start reaping the rewards of the hard work you have put in over the past three months.  Focus on yourself as a teacher or mentor for others.  Share your wisdom about personal empowerment and courage with those who are feeling fear in their being.  Relationships with deeper meaning will become stronger during this month.  Your creative energies in the workplace will be much needed as will practicality and remembering the mission of the group.  There is an accent on travel for April, especially to places that combine greatness with nature.  As Uranus moves into Pisces you may find you understand your place in the group changing, as well as your beliefs about what it means to be connected to others.  Use your Leonine heart to guide you in spiritual matters.

Virgo 9/18 – 10/17
April is a month of reaching back into the past and picking up the pieces you may have left behind.  Look into your dreams and heart’s desires from when you were a child and see if there are any parts you can bring forward into the now.  This may involve some deep soul searching and healing any issues pertaining to family and teachers.  As Venus moves into direct motion on the 18th, personal relationships will balance out and connections be repaired.  After your  recent busy spell, make sure to take time for yourself this month.  Find things that nurture the body as well as the soul to revitalize your energy.  April is a good time to pick up any new interests, whether it be through self-education or taking classes at a school or center.  Chances are, there is something from the past that you have time to pursue now.  Focus on a work or career strategy that keeps you informed on current trends and has better networking possibilities.  Your strength at work may be who you know, rather than what you know.

Libra 10/18 – 11/16
Rethink your thoughts.  There may be perceptions of the world, other peoples and cultures that need to be reviewed.  In an age of globalization there is no room for untruth on any level.  In fact, this is a good month to go out and see the world.  Explore, examine and participate in the vibrancy and creativity of culture and humanity.  April will be a reflective time for Libra, but not one of sitting on a couch or seeing a therapist.  In fact, your mental and emotional health will benefit from participation more so than from idle meditation.  Take some risks by participating in unusual or innovative workshops, classes, lectures or events.  Any interests in holistic healing or metaphysical studies get ample support from the planets.  Although the energy is good for  moving , now is not the best time.  At best, keep a move in the planning stages until other elements are in line.  There may be emotional loose ends that need to be tied up first before a move can take place.

Scorpio 11/17 – 12/16
Relationships are well supported this month, especially those that are new and fresh.  Make sure the spark is there and that the relationship focuses on growth and trust.  You may find people turning toward you for guidance.  Remember that as a Scorpio you have a lot of power to influence others and help them change their lives.  Just remember to let others make the changes that are best for them and not the changes  you think are best for them.  April could be full of unexpected events in the family.  Most of these will be pregnancies, births, marriages, engagements and moves.  Financially there may be a lot of restructuring still going on.  Be patient and ride the cycle out.  Invest in yourself right now by exploring all the areas of life you put on hold in the past seven years.  Work and career will begin to move forward and you will begin reaping the harvest of your hard work and patience.  Those in charge will begin to notice your efforts and make note of it.  Be sure to graciously accept praise for what you do.  Creatively, you may find too many ideas coming in at once to keep them organized.  Honor ideas that flow from one into another and fulfill a bigger picture.

Sagittarius 12/17 – 1/16
April ushers in new knowledge and understanding of religion, metaphysics and healing.  In fact, you may find you are in the position of spiritual warrior helping to defend the “souls” and beliefs of others.  Be cautious about your contagious enthusiasm when it comes to being a champion of beliefs.  Throughout the month there will be opportunities to work and serve in areas that bring you much fulfillment and abundance.  Stick to what you feel most passionate about for the best karmic return.  You may experience impatience and restlessness by mid-month as the Sun moves into fiery Aries, stoking the flames of “get it done yesterday.”  Utilize this energy for hands-on work around the home with the focus on gardening and spring cleaning.  Women in your life may become the next best resource for personal growth in the areas of creativity and health.  Listen to their wisdom.  Pluto begins his retrograde journey in your sign this month.  Pay attention to rerunning any self-destructive patterns, especially the “crash and burn” type or the need to run away.  Instead, embrace the opportunity to transform your approach and solution to old behaviors and emotions.

Capricorn 1/17 – 2/13
Chiron, the planet of healing, and Neptune, the planet of spirituality and creativity, join forces in Aquarius this month.    For Capricorn, this means understanding the value of healing and spirituality in your life.  There could be new approaches and unexpected leaps forward in these areas.  Key to embracing this is surrendering your old values and bringing forth the self you have been hiding inside.  The energy of Pluto and Lilith in Sagittarius may take you on a soul quest into the darker and more challenging areas of your personality.  This joins forces with the combination of Neptune and Chiron creating a soul healing from the deepest level and in the most profound way.  Say, “Yes”  to any opportunity to dig in, enlighten and transform.  This could include short trips to inspiring places, retreats that are based on body and mind balance, as well as diving into books and on-line resources to educate yourself about your motives.  Balancing your personal and business life will be important as well.  Focus on synthesis and time management to achieve a better state of balance.  As Ceres moves forward in Leo on the 13th, be ready for long awaited returns on karma in the area of metaphysics  and personal empowerment.  Leadership roles in family affairs may pick up around the 7th, however make sure to delegate and be honest with those who are not keeping up their responsibilities.

Aquarius 2/14 -3/15
Spend time this month building your dreams.  Jupiter in Capricorn supports an organized expansion based upon your heart’s desires.  You may find that this requires partnering with another to carry out the plan in full.  This is part of the karmic relationship energy that Ceres and Saturn have been setting up for you for the past three months.  Special focus in April will be on home and family relationships and building a shared vision for the future that is based on goodness and joy rather than on simply making ends meet.  Around mid-month allow your playful side to come forward.  This will ease any of the environmental pressures around you both at home and in your professional life.  Mars is still in your sign until the 17th, so take advantage of the energy boost to get yourself in a physically healthy state.  After all, the hibernating period is over and Mother Earth is coming alive; so should you.  As Venus moves into direct motion on the 18th, make an extra effort at gratitude towards and for the most influential and loving people in your life.  Do not forget to love yourself too in the process!

Pisces 3/16 – 4/14
Take a deep breath and get ready to plunge into April!  This will be a busy time filled with self-fulfilling prophecies and laying the groundwork for bigger and better changes later in the year.  As Ceres moves direct on the 13th, issues at work will begin to clear up and clear out.  Keep in mind, as a karmic force, Ceres will clear you out of the old and into the new, especially since Pluto’s energy supports career transformation for Pisces.  Be aware of going into familiar and safe lines of work that you have already accomplished.  Though they may pay the bills, are they supporting your soul and vision of the future?   Most importantly this month, Uranus begins to move into your sign on the 24th.  He is the planet of change…the radical, spontaneous type of change that may take you by surprise.  Be aware not only of yourself, but of those  around you and see how they are responding to the subtle changes beginning to occur in your personality and beliefs.  Uranus is in your sign for eight years, so this will only be a taste of what is to come as he sets into your sign officially in 2010.  Mercury in Aries will give you plenty of energy to start projects that may seem to have a life of their own come the end of the month.

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