March Horoscopes

March 2009 Horoscopes

General Forecast: Get ready for the beginning of the Neptunian “Age of Aquarius.” Spirituality, humanity and mysticism will get ample support from Neptune’s move towards Aquarius at the end of the month. Review your spirituality and beliefs for any old patterns or rules that need to be made more flexible in the coming year. Mid-month is an excellent time for getting things done. Mercury, Uranus, and Mars are in Aquarius contributing ample speed and energy to everyone. Be cautious about taking risks or acting too impulsively as it may double your work load. Venus goes retrograde this month, so make sure that you stay sensitive to others, especially larger parts of humanity and community that are in need of TLC. Forgiveness is a key element to healing during Piscean influences.

The Sun moves into Pisces on the 16th, heightening artistic and spiritual energies. Saturn & Ceres continue their retrograde movement in Leo causing big karmic adjustments to people in power, politics, religion and the corporate world. Face your ego challenges while Saturn and Ceres move through Leo. Key points to look at are personal responsibility for your decisions, control and surrender issues, and respect for the laws of karma. Lilith, or the Black Moon, who represents our tendencies towards self-sabotage and our darker nature, is in Sagittarius tempting many to run for greener grass, rather than standing by to learn their lessons and respecting the journey. Use the pure intent of human and divine love with the energy of the New Moon on the 26th to put forward your Spring wish list!

Aries: April 15 – May 15

Open your eyes! Aries is being set up by Neptune for a 13 year collective consciousness change. It is time to take ownership of your actions and your beliefs. There may actually be a bigger picture or a larger purpose for you and your talents as a leader and trailblazer. Mars’ entrance into Aquarius mid-month will keep you busy starting new projects. Spontaneity could be your best friend so long as you have others to share in the experience. Career and work will begin to stabilize during this month. You may find that performance pressures begin to ease as businesses begin to look at their overall performance rather then picking away at the employees who have no influence on the current market or trends. Creative endeavors still get the green light, however, make sure you are taking the time to think things through, especially with home improvement and redecorating projects. Your greatest challenge this month is to share your wisdom rather than continue the ego drive of “being right.” Humility is in an open mind and an open heart. This is part of the lesson retrograde Venus in Pisces may teach you this month.

Taurus: May16 – June 17

Have you worked on your heart’s desire recently? It is time for Taurus to go within, get in touch with their desires, and then begin the work to achieve them. Start with a self-improvement list, and then move to environmental factors. Venus, your ruling planet, may test acceptance and rejection issues when she goes retrograde on the 7th. Remember that as the Bull you are stable and persevering and do not have to conform to the herd right now. In fact, focus on your unique style and sensitivity. You may be the only brown cow in a herd of black ones! Work and career will enter into a busy time by mid-month. Mars, Mercury and Uranus will demand you take charge in most situations. Work on your leadership qualities and diplomacy. If you are looking for a career change, start the planning phase. Other times during the year will support the actual move. Issues surrounding family karma, heritage and old beliefs will need to be cleared away while Saturn and Ceres are retrograde in Leo. Be cautious about your sense of personal importance or feeling “untouchable.” Learn more about others during this month as they are a mirror to your self. Relationships will become stronger this month, with a focus on the ones that support your own unique qualities.

Gemini: June 18 – July 17

In case you haven’t noticed…you are an excellent networker. However, you may be feeling a need to change your relationships and social scene. It isn’t that you are bored with people, just looking for a new adventure. For the first half of the month keep the connections going. The time for change starts in the second half of the month. Take stock of boomerang friends and acquaintances that only fly back to you when they think you can straighten them out or perform some kind of magic trick that makes their world better. Instead, be blunt and remind them that they are repeating a pattern and teach them how to help themselves. Although you may have rescuer tendencies with these individuals, the change you may need is weeding them out through honesty. This is an excellent month to travel. There is much for you to learn by stepping out of your everyday life. Consider places that are grounding, healing and keep you focused on natural beauty. If it is true adventure you are looking for, any outdoor vacations or vacations that put you in touch with history or the ancient past are also good. Venus in retrograde may test your concepts and ideas about love. Are you too idealistic or co-dependent in your relationships? If so, make the necessary changes.

Cancer: July 18 – August 17

This is month is all about relationships! Mostly, it is about keeping up with the changes going on around you and doing your best to stay clear of other people’s drama. Be very diligent about staying positive in the midst of family and relationship drama. You are in people’s life to nurture, not to worry. Use this time to make a change in your attitudes towards relationships by letting go of traditional relationship values and move forward with ones that are more practical and modern. You may find that dreams and premonitions are much stronger during this time. Be sure to share your visions when it is important. There is much you and others can learn from you sharing your dreams. As Neptune moves into Aquarius, know your secrets, doubts and fantasies may come up to the surface for you to deal with. Venus’ retrograde motion in Pisces could cause you to reconsider how you “feel” about people. You may even discover what their secrets, dreams and fantasies are as well. This will help strengthen any bonds you have with them. Mercury and Mars give a huge energy boost to the normally easy going Cancer. Be kind to yourself while the energy is high. There is no need to over do it!

Leo: August 18 – September 17

You may be looking for someone to pull the thorn out of your paw about now. Saturn and Ceres in your sign tend to bring out Leo’s sensitivity since Leo is being faced with clearing up old hurts and learning how to get out of their own way. At this point, work on your relationships at work. You may feel there is a lot of pressure to perform right now, however the spotlight really isn’t on you. It just feels that way. Deeper meaning in your one-on-one relationships will start to unfold as Neptune gets closer to Aquarius. Other planets currently support a return or a redefining of your relationship with God, Creator or the Universe. Show your tender side during Venus’ retrograde motion in Pisces beginning on the 7th. It will make any thorns in your paw feel like a grain of sand under your feet. Your role as advisor and mediator may come into play later in the month. Be cautious about living too large right now. Focus on bringing in more structure and taking personal responsibility for what is happening in your life. Taking an honest look into your diet and exercise plan would also be wise at this time.

Virgo: September 18 – October 17

Busy, busy, busy! You may feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland during this month since there is so much to do. Remember that perfect timing happens when you surrender to the process. March is also a “feel good” month for Virgo. Take time out to witness Mother Nature coming to life as Spring approaches. Be careful of people who are looking for you to take on their responsibilities. Although you may be perfectly capable help them, let them handle it! Venus in retrograde may trigger a spiritual epiphany beginning around the 7th and peaking around the 24th. Feeling a connection to a spiritual brother- or sisterhood could help to ground you during hectic times. Mars, Mercury and Uranus will keep your mind active and the ideas flowing. Utilize Neptune’s peaceful energy to meditate and organize the stream of consciousness coming through. Creatively, this is a strong period, especially for painting, photography and writing. It is a good time to take creative risks or try something new. Saturn and Ceres in Leo could test your ideas about what is perfect and what is not. The dominance of spiritually charged planets this month will make it easier to let go of old perfectionistic programming. After all, Mother Nature and all creation is already “perfect”!

Libra: October 18 to November 16

As the sign of the Scales, representing justice, balance and fairness, you may hold the key to bringing about peace and equality in changing times. Saturn and Ceres will create reality checkpoints along the way to make sure your idealism and tendency to settle for less are released. Hypocritical behavior and people who think the know it all may get under your skin this month. Let the energy of Mars, Mercury and Uranus give you the courage to confront them and their actions. Your natural charm and grace will smooth over any ruffled feathers. Likewise, be aware of your own tendencies towards judgment and work on correcting it too. Make a point to notice your influence in groups or on people in positions of power. You may find it beneficial for making changes at work that help everyone, rather than just helping the bottom line. New romance is possible this month, however keep your wits about you. There may be a tendency to attract impulsive fast types right now who may eventually leave you in the dust.

Scorpio: November 17 – December 16

You are entering into a busy yet very grounding period. Mercury, Mars and Uranus may keep you busy tending to other’s needs rather than your own. Family is a high priority this month. You may need to re-evaluate who the parent and the children are in your family relationships and recognize the parental roles you may need to play at this time. Retrograde Venus in Pisces touches on the heart and warmth of childhood memories, youth and nostalgia that could support you in these grounding and trying times. Make sure to take time to share your feelings with loved ones. You are truly soft inside that Scorpion shell. It doesn’t have to stay inside all the time. Be cautious about your spending during this cycle. Impulsive or emotional buys may wind up out in your next garage sale! As Neptune moves toward Aquarius, you may begin to feel pangs for a more spiritually nourishing home or environment. Start making the plans now while family is front and center in your mind. Scorpio could benefit from having a personal confidante during this month. Just one person, out of the loop, to keep their heads clear. Look into how you value change. Are you willing to go with the flow, instigate it or fight it?

Sagittarius: December 17 – January 16

March is the month to “be on the go” and “in the know.” Your social calendar may become very busy and the phone calls, e-mails and text messages over-whelming. Remember to breathe this month. You have all the positive energy to move through this period feeling accomplished and happy with your life. In typical Sagittarian fashion, seize the day. Be an example to others of living in the moment. Saturn and Ceres in Leo will help to clear up old dogma and beliefs about people in power or greater injustices to humanity or the environment. Your own personal truths will be tested, as well as your honesty and integrity. Revise your wish list for the year during the spring equinox. Then, use the energy of the New Moon on the 26th to put them into action. Spend as much time in nature this month as you can. Connect with Mother Earth and let her be your support and guide. Spending time on, in or near the water will prove quite beneficial. This is generally a good cycle financially for Sagittarians, however make sure to save for a rainy day…or at least the next vacation!

Capricorn: January 17 – February 13

Treat yourself well this month. Jupiter is in your sign for a while longer asking you to be positive about your self image. Find humor in the challenges and keep a sunny outlook. Neptune will be taking leave of your sign for a while (until it goes retrograde later in the year). As it moves away, review your beliefs in spirituality and religion. Neptune’s move into Aquarius may trigger a release of old ideas about the material world, getting older, and structure. Be prepared to jump into the flow of humanity in the next year’s period of time. Retrograde Venus in Pisces on the 7th calls into question what you know and understand about feminine energy and love. Key here will be communicating your love, feelings and appreciation to others for who they are and what they do. Venus’ energy is coupled with Jupiter’s to strengthen your self-expression and overall demeanor. Mars, Mercury and Uranus in Aquarius could keep you on your toes in your relationships and in your finances. You may come across new or interesting ways to earn money on the side or budget yourself better. Check into clearing out any superstitions, misconceptions or fears about the psychic or occult worlds as well.

Aquarius: February 14 – March 15

Of all the signs you are going through the most change in 2009. First, Neptune is getting ready to come in and spiritualize your life. This is a softer and easy going vibration than Uranus, who has been stirring things up for the past 8 years. Add into that, Mercury and Mars in your sign come mid-month, you will have a lot to do and need to act quickly in order to take advantage of all the energies around. Although Aquarius is not normally a temperamental sign, Mars and Mercury in Aquarius could make you a bit edgy. Step out of the situation if it gets too heated and come back when you feel you have cooled down. Self-love and forgiveness could play a major role in your healing this month, especially with Venus in retrograde. Be aware of the relationships you feel the most stuck in. Saturn and Ceres are clearing out the people baggage that has kept you back from being yourself. Pay attention to any power struggles in your social circles. You may be called in to transform the situation. People from your past may call in favors at this time. This is part of Saturn and Ceres energies cleaning up any left over karma, so, handle them quickly.

Pisces: March 16 – April 14

Since Venus will be in retrograde in your sign it is very important to monitor your emotions, especially around the 12th, 13th & 14th and then again on the 26th and 27th. Key points to work through at this time are your feelings of connectedness to others and to your emotions. Saturn and Ceres will be doing their job to help you re-write mental and emotional programs related to being a rescuer or feeling you have to heal or save the world. Start with you and your little world first. Then see how it changes everything around you without you lifting a finger. The Sun moves into Pisces starting on the 16th. This brings through the strongest of energies for all Pisces. Career and work may go through several transformations this month. Ride the tide of change in those areas because the storm is not quite over yet in the business world. Towards the end of the month turn your focus towards home and family. Start making plans to connect with relatives and friends who have been tucked away during the winter months. Mercury and Mars moving into Aquarius mid-month could trigger memories of old hurts, fights or disagreements that are in need of healing during this time. Key here is the “reality” of the conflict. Was it the other person, you, or both? Own the reality, forgive it, and heal it!


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