May Horoscopes

May 2009 Horoscopes
General Forecast: The planetary train pulls into a spiritual station this month as Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and Juno all occupy Aquarius. Learning how to relate to others as spiritual beings having human experiences will color this month’s forecast. Jupiter asks us to put forth faith in humanity and expanding our thoughts [...]

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April Horoscopes

April 2009 Horoscopes
General Forecast: The big locomotive wheel in the sky is turning and Pluto is cutting the way.  April will be full of transformation and a need to be resourceful.  The planets form a Locomotive type pattern which supports hard work, drive and ambition to get things done.  Be cautious about any get-rich-quick schemes [...]

March Horoscopes

March 2009 Horoscopes
General Forecast: Get ready for the beginning of the Neptunian “Age of Aquarius.” Spirituality, humanity and mysticism will get ample support from Neptune’s move towards Aquarius at the end of the month. Review your spirituality and beliefs for any old patterns or rules that need to be made more flexible in [...]


February Horoscopes

February 2009
General Forecast: In the month of love, Venus helps us take time to feel the love and connect with those who share similar thoughts, views and beliefs. Mercury cruises into forward motion, righting our minds and quieting the brain chatter of the previous three weeks. If plans got delayed during Mercury’s retrograde [...]