We’ve Moved!

We are now located at 7 Fowler Street, Franklin. Our phone
number is now 201-709-7303. We are seeing clients by appointment only,
this includes purchasing product. So please give us a call for an
appointment or if you want to purchase something, give us a call to be sure
we are available.

Watch our video to learn more about us!

You already know there is a secret

to uncovering your life’s full potential.

We’re ready to show you. Are you ready to live it?

Imagine finding a warm inviting place brimming with the sense of health. A friendly retreat where stress, aches, pains, and anxieties melt away through the restorative touch of world-class healers. Look around. Smell, touch, see and hear the tools and treasures of ageless wisdom.

This is not a fantasy retreat of another age. It is very real and can be found in Franklin New Jersey.

You have found the Open Lotus, or perhaps… it’s found you.

If you’re fed up with medication that makes you feel worse for a condition that never seems to get better, we can help you heal.

If the stress in your life is robbing you of your humor and your joy, we can return you to a place of peace and happiness.

And if your life seems as if needing to be fixed, we can show you the remedy to fulfillment and empowerment.

image Copyright Daria Bishop

Image Copyright Daria Bishop http://dairabishop.com

Discover the deepest relaxation of your life with Reiki, Crystal Balancing or Meditation.
Experience the healing of your body with Reiki or Magnified Healing.
Imagine understanding your life through the Planets, Numbers and Tarot.

If you’re new to these practices, a gift awaits you that you will always remember.

Sound too good to be true? It’s real. It’s healing. It’s comforting. It’s peaceful. And… It can be yours.

You already know there is a secret
to uncovering your life’s full potential.

We’re ready to show you how. Are you’re ready to live it?

Call 201-709-7303 today to
schedule an appointment and discover a
place where you can feel as great
as you once imagined.

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